Company Profile

For more than 50 years in the automobile industry, the Phra Nakorn Automobile Group has grown and developed its business steadily. The group started its business in the Northeastern part of Thailand in 1961 and gradually expanded its operations into the Bangkok area.

Presently, the Phra Nakorn Automobile Group, which consists of eleven affiliated companies, is operating an all-round automobile business; manufacturing and assembling automobile parts, importing and distributing vehicles, operating car service centers, providing car rental, vehicle transportation and leasing services, as well as providing rental spaces for automobile business operators. As a result of company's professionalism, long standing experience, and reputation plus other advantageous actors, the Phra Nakorn Automobile Group has become one of the most stable and highly competent organizations in the Thai Automotive Industry.

The Phra Nakorn Automobile Group has been successfully implementing its strategy to expand its businesses and its handling of various brand of cars and services over 50 years. The last and most important factor, especially in this E-generation, is the use of state-of-the-art technologies to effectively enhance productivity, to reduce energy consumption, to save time and to control budget spending.

This resulted to an outstanding increases in assets and profits of the group which have proved the efficiency of its employees at every level. The group also has strong financial foundations to enhance and support the far and distinct visions of its future business plans.

With several key principles, the Phra Nakorn Automobile Group is determined and ready to advance into its sixth decade. Some of our most valued principle are to give customer highest satisfaction by delivering quality products and services at reasonable prices; to put emphasis on developing our organization in order to achieve sustainable growth; to provide support and opportunities for young executives with foresight; to nurture and to create capable and knowledgeable human resources; to improve their potential under the same guideline and objectives; to maintain good relationships with alliances throughout the supply chain including private/government sectors and the media that has always been a source.